007 Escape Games

An interactive city-wide detective game

played on smartphones and tablets

Teams race around the city cracking codes

solving puzzles to eliminate the suspects...

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1  Purchase your voucher. All vouchers       

have a 12 pm start time, this is only for     

booking purpose you can start what

    ever time or date suits your team.

2 Pick your country, state, town make your 


3 Down load the app onto all your devices

4 Share the email containing your unique     

digital invite with your team

5 Turn up at the start location contained   

 in your confirmation email

6 To start your game, click the link in       

 the email that contains your digital         

 invite. Do not just open the app, it will     

 say no games in this area.

7 Have fun, the clock is ticking

8 Compare scores if your playing against   

 another team.